Hin Reykjavík – R.E.C Arts Reykjavík

S03 E015 — Reykjavíkurfréttir — 1. mar 2022

Today’s show will be in English as we are joined with R.E.C Arts Reykjavík, a new theatrical and artistic creative team based in Reykjavík. Their aim is to bring diversity, visibility and representation of marginalized groups to the mainstream theater, dance and music scenes in Iceland. Chaiwe Sól, Eva Björk and Rebecca Hidalgo tell us how R.E.C Arts Reykjavík started out and how it’s going. We also discuss what needs to change in the Icelandic community to make sure that it truly is a place for all of us who reside here. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram under the name: R.E.C. Arts Reykjavík

Rauða borðið
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Rauða borðið, 24. maí