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Seeking the opinion of people with different backgrounds, who share with us their unique perspectives on every day social matters, domestic and international.

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Work in Progress – Toxic Masculinity and Current Events

Work in Progress – Toxic Masculinity and Current Eventsarrow_forward

S02 E001 — janúar 9, 2021

Is the storming of the U.S capital rooted in toxic masculinity? The 1898 coup in North Carolina shows that history truly repeats itself. What will be the consequences of what happened at the U.S capitol and to whom?

The lack of consequences fuels toxic masculinity and it starts in the upbringing of children.

The size of Iceland leads to suppressed toxic masculinity even in the political sector.

Work in progress – Toxic masculinity

Work in progress – Toxic masculinityarrow_forward

S01 E006 — desember 19, 2020

Jeff, Laufey and Paula discuss toxic masculinity and related issues from a cultural as well as social perspective.

Jeff, Laufey og Paula ræða eitraða karlmennsku og málefni í kringum hana menningarlega og félagslega.

Work in progress: More food

Work in progress: More foodarrow_forward

S01 E005 — ágúst 29, 2020

It’s the 2nd episode in the food series. We will be discussing foodie culture/fads in Iceland, the new ethnic foods in, and how they are received by Icelandic people and foreigners alike.

Work in progress: Topic: Food

Work in progress: Topic: Foodarrow_forward

S01 E004 — júlí 18, 2020

In this first instalment about the cultural implications of food and dining the discussion proves to be more than can be snugly fit into a single episode… more to come.

Work in progress: Band aid solutions

Work in progress: Band aid solutionsarrow_forward

S01 E003 — júlí 11, 2020

What are band aid solutions and how are they being used throughout history in a racial and cultural context? How are we using these band aid solutions to address and further the reach of the real solution?

Work in progress: 4th of July

Work in progress: 4th of Julyarrow_forward

S01 E002 — júlí 4, 2020

In this episode, Jeffrey Guarino one of our hosts speaks about being an American and a member of the human race at a meeting of the Socialist Party of Iceland on the fourth of july.

Work in progress: The tragic fire at Vesturgata

Work in progress: The tragic fire at Vesturgataarrow_forward

S01 E001 — júní 27, 2020

Structural aspects of the tragic fire at Vesturgata

In our first episode, we discuss the tragic fire at Vesturgata, and delve into the deeper structural and intersectional aspects of why things like this happen.

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